How to Protect Your Teeth

Why You Need To Fix Your Missing Tooth

Missing teeth can happen for a variety of reasons, such as poor oral hygiene that caused gum disease or accidental trauma. The gap in your teeth will easily ruin your confidence whenever you are out in public. Having a full set of teeth is important, as it improves your overall appearance and self esteem. There are also medical benefits to fixing your teeth, as that gap might cause the following consequences.

Missing Teeth Will Make Eating Difficult

No matter how many teeth you have that are missing, it will be more difficult to chew some of your favorite foods. Tougher meats like steaks, some vegetables, and even nuts will be difficult to eat. Your teeth should not limit the foods that you eat. Thankfully, a dental implant will be just as strong as a real tooth.

By avoiding foods that are tough to eat, you will deprive yourself important nutrients in those foods. This could lead to other health issues down the road that could be fixed by meeting with your dentist.

Missing Teeth Can Cause Bone Loss In Your Face

If you have missing teeth, it will cause bone problems in your face. This can lead to a physical appearance of premature aging, as you will not have proper support for your cheeks, jaw, lips, and nose.

While these effects might not be apparent until years later, by that point it will be too late to correct the problem caused by your missing teeth.

Missing Teeth Cause Speech Issues

Depending on the teeth you lost, you may have severe speech issues. If you lost your front teeth, they can cause the most problematic and noticeable speech problems. It will instantly cause you to develop a lisp, as your tongue no longer has your front teeth to create those important sounds.

Missing teeth may also cause unintentional whistling when talking as well, which may be embarrassing in social situations.

Missing Teeth Cause Weakness In Other Teeth

When one tooth is missing, it is common to see problems affect the teeth surrounding it. For example, those teeth will be more prone to decay, as they are now completely exposed on the sides due to the gap.

A gap in your teeth will also cause your teeth to slightly shift over time. This can undo all those years of wearing braces.

By understanding a few of the consequences of having a missing tooth, you will be able to make an informed decision about fixing it.