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4 Reasons To Choose Damon System Braces As An Adult Patient

While many people think of braces as a treatment for tweens and teens, adults can also benefit from having straighter and better aligned teeth. If you're considering orthodontics to improve your smile, make the Damon System of braces your first choice. This type of equipment provides four distinct benefits to the adult orthodontics patient.

Less Pain

Most forms of braces realign the teeth by slowly pulling them into place. The special wire used in the Damon System puts gentle pressure on the teeth with minimal friction, creating changes with less soreness and pain. Why toss and turn at night due to jaw aches when you can choose dental devices that change your tooth alignment in a more subtle way?

These braces are also less likely to cause tooth decay because the colorful elastic bands usually used to hold the wires tight are absent. Those elastics tend to catch food particles and hold them close to the teeth, so many patients experience painful cavities due to difficulties keeping their braces clean. The clip-style brackets eliminate this problem for a healthier and cleaner mouth throughout the treatment.

Faster Treatment

Aside from causing less soreness, the high tension archwire also helps speed up the length of each treatment. Recent studies show patients get their braces off an average of six months earlier. Choosing the Damon System of treatment will leave you with a beautiful smile in less time. If you're trying to straighten your teeth for a wedding or other big event a few years away, you have a better chance of reaching your goal by choosing an effective and quick orthodontic method.

More Clear Options

Most adult patients want to avoid the look of traditional metal braces because it's associated with childhood. The Damon System includes options for clear wires and translucent brackets, hiding the hardware when you smile or talk. These nearly invisible appliances still offer the same tension and adjustment quality as the more visible metallic models, but expect to pay a little more for the clear type.

Fewer Visits

Finally, consider how much free time you have in your schedule for regular appointments at the dentist. These braces need fewer adjustments and keep working longer with less attention from a professional. This can save you a lot of money if you're responsible for high co-pays or want to finance your orthodontics entirely out of pocket. There's no need for you to perform many adjustments on your own mouth either.

For more information on Damon braces, talk to a professional orthodontist like Leo R Cullinan DDS MS.