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3 Orthodontic Alignment Options That Are Not Made Of Metal

If you are considering having your misaligned teeth straightened, you don't have to worry about an orthodontic device ruining your personal style. Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of metal covering their teeth. However, nowadays, your braces don't have to be made of metal. Here are a few non-metal orthodontic options:


Invisalign aligns your teeth using plastic trays. The aligning trays are clear, so they are not very noticeable. In addition, the trays are removable, so you can eat without being concerned that food will become trapped underneath them. The plastic aligners won't even get in the way when you brush or floss your teeth.

To progressively straighten your teeth, your aligning trays are replaced with a new set every two weeks. The cost of Invisalign is usually between $3,800 and $8,000

Conventional Ceramic Braces

The brackets of traditional braces are made of metal. However, ceramic brackets for braces are also available. The ceramic is tooth-colored, so even though the braces are applied to the front of the teeth as traditional braces are, they are not as visible. Thus, ceramic braces are often called clear braces.

If you would like to add stylish, bright colors to your teeth, you can select colorful elastic ligatures. Since the ceramic braces appear clear, the colored bands will show up well.

If ceramic braces are chosen to straighten your teeth, you can expect to pay about $1,000 more than you would for traditional braces with metal brackets. 

Damon Ceramic Braces

Damon system ceramic braces also have ceramic brackets. However, Damon system brackets are self-litigating. They do not require elastic bands to hold the archwire of the braces in place. Instead, the brackets are fashioned with tunnel-like holes through which the archwire runs.

The absence of the elastic bands makes the Damon braces more efficient at straightening your teeth. The bands of traditional braces produce friction as they hold the archwire against the brackets. This frictional force must be overcome before your teeth can be straightened. As a result, traditional braces must use enough force to surpass the friction and align your teeth. Not only do Damon system braces align teeth more comfortably; they align teeth more quickly.

Damon ceramic braces are prices around $3,800 to $8,000.

There are multiple ways to straighten your teeth without metal brackets. However, your orthodontist (like Thomas H. Seal DDS) will help you determine the orthodontic options that are suitable for your alignment needs. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in your area for a full orthodontic assessment.