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Potential Dental Treatments For Hypomaturation Type Amelogenesis Imperfecta

Enamel is a protective mineralized coating that covers the dentin of the tooth and helps prevent breakage, stains, and cavities. Some health conditions can affect the natural strength and durability of enamel. The hypomaturation form of the genetic condition amelogenesis imperfecta causes enamel to be less crystallized, or strong, from the very start of the tooth's development.

Symptoms of the hypomaturation form of amelogenesis imperfecta include yellowish or brown staining, frequent enamel chipping, and an open bite, which occurs when the front teeth on the top and bottom jaw gap open even when the mouth is closed. There are a few different ways a dentist or cosmetic dentistry specialist can help treat the variety of symptoms attached to this condition.

Teeth Whitening or Veneer

Staining that remains solely in the enamel might be treatable with a standard teeth whitening procedure at the dentist's office. Note that the procedure can create some short-term sensitivity, which might be an issue if you already suffer from sensitivity due to the hereditary condition. 

If you don't want to risk sensitivity, or the stains have gotten under the enamel and discolored the dentin, you might want to discuss the possibility of veneers with your dentist. The dentist will create tooth-colored porcelain caps that are sealed to the front of your existing teeth.

The veneers will cover only the front of the teeth, so the rear can still be subject to the issues of weakened enamel. But if staining is your primary symptom, veneers can be a good option.

Dental Crown

Do your teeth suffer from frequent chips due to your weakened enamel? Dental crowns are shells made of all porcelain or porcelain with a metal backing and fit over the entire tooth rather than just the front like veneers. The crown will serve as the tooth's new outer enamel and dentin layers and help protect your natural teeth from further damage.

While the porcelain-based crowns offer the most natural look, the material might not be durable enough to withstand the constant bite force friction on some teeth like the molars. Your dentist might instead recommend an all metal crown, which doesn't look natural but also shouldn't be terribly visible to other people due to the tooth's rear location.

Oral Surgery and Orthodontics

Do your symptoms include an open bite? The gap between your upper and lower teeth can be fixed through a combination of oral surgery to realign the misaligned jaw and orthodontics to fix any remaining gaps in the teeth.

The oral surgery is typically performed first followed by a lengthy healing procedure. Performing the surgery first allows the teeth to shift into place on the repositioned jaw. Any continued or resulting bite issues can then be treated with braces. Metal or clear braces might be an option depending on the severity of the problem. Visit a dentist like Pinon Hills Dental for more information.