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Need Your Braces Readjusted But Worried About Pain? Use These Six Tips

As someone who wears braces on a daily basis, you may already be aware that you might have to have them adjusted every now and then. Your orthodontist might simply want to tighten the wires, or they may choose to replace the wires altogether. You may have already gone through this and know that it can be painful for your gums in the days that follow your appointment; you may be reluctant to have it done again. Luckily, the six tips below can help you handle the discomfort.

Have Pain Relief Products on Hand

One of the best ways you can handle any pain from the adjustment is to prepare for it. Buy some ibuprofen, acetaminophen or other pain relief, analgesic medication at your local drugstore and take a dose before you even go in for your adjustment so that you can better handle the procedures that are done.

You should also have some oral anesthesia on hand. The same over-the-counter gel you might use for a toothache can also soothe your inflamed gums after an adjustment.

Stay Away From Citrus Fruits

As a result of having your braces handled by your orthodontist, there might be a few small cuts inside your mouth. Citrus fruits and other acidic foods and beverages might feel particularly uncomfortable in your mouth. Let a few days pass before enjoying oranges and lemonade.

Have Soft Foods

Instead of further stressing your gums by attempting corn on the cob and other difficult foods, it's a good idea to be gentle with your mouth and stick with softer foods for a while. Bananas, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, soup and eggs are some choices that may be suitable. You might also seek out yogurt and sugar-free jello, which are cold and might feel good on your sore gums.

Skip Hot Coffee and Tea

You might love your caffeine, but hot drinks might not help your gums when they are inflamed. If you can't skip your coffee or tea in the morning, try iced versions that will feel better as you deal with any soreness.

Do Brine Rinses

In the days following your adjustment, brine (salt water) rinses can help your gums to be less inflamed. Salt can draw extra water out of the cells in your gums, which will help decrease swelling and some discomfort.

Use Teething Rings and Ice Packs

Teething rings and ice packs can be a wonderful way to bring coolness to hot, sore gums. Try both to see which feels better to you.

The six tips laid out can help ease the anxiety you might feel about going for an adjustment. Ask your orthodontist for additional ideas.