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Three Signs That Your Teen Is Ready For Veneers

If your child has permanent tooth discoloration, such as from fluorosis, then you may be planning on getting them veneers when they are old enough. Veneers are a permanent solution, since the enamel on the teeth must be filed down before the thin porcelain caps are glued into place. For this reason, it's vital that you make sure your child is ready. The following are signs that the time may finally be right for veneers.

#1: Their permanent teeth are all in

There is no point in getting veneers until all of the child's adult teeth are in and positioned correctly. This is because you don't want to put veneers on baby teeth since they will fall out anyway. Another concern is that adult teeth may shift as new teeth come in, which could necessitate the need for other dental work prior to veneers. Once the baby teeth have all fallen out and the adult teeth are done moving into their permanent position, veneers can become a realistic option.

#2: They practice excellent dental hygiene without prompting

Hygiene is especially important once veneers are placed. Although a veneer cannot decay or develop cavities, they can provide a crevice right at the gum line for plaque to collect. This could then lead to decay affecting the tooth beneath the veneer. Your child needs to be brushing at least twice daily and flossing at least once daily reliably before you consider veneers. They should also be seeing a dentist or hygienist every six months for an more in depth cleaning. Poor dental habits aren't likely to improve just because you got your child veneers, so make these habits a requirement before having the work done.

#3: No further cosmetic work is anticipated

Veneers are the final piece of cosmetic work that should be done. This means that if your child needs braces or tooth removal, these must be completed before you consider having veneers places. This is in part because treatments like braces will damage veneers, so you will likely need to replace them afterward anyways. Don't overlook wisdom teeth, either. Often, wisdom teeth push the other teeth out of alignment, which may necessitate braces. If your child's wisdom teeth haven't yet come in, you will need to discuss with the dentist whether the time is right for veneers. They may advice that you wait until they can assess the changes the wisdom teeth will make in the mouth.

For more help, talk with a cosmetic dentist, such as Leo Uicker DDS, in your area.