How to Protect Your Teeth

How To Improve The Appearance Of Yellow Teeth With Whitening

Yellow teeth can prevent you from smiling every day. Smiling makes you feel better. It leads to feelings of amusement, joy, and actual happiness. Smiling on purpose changes your brain chemistry. However, stained teeth can make you lose confidence and your willingness to smile. Read on to find out how to improve the appearance of yellow teeth with teeth whitening.

What Cause Stains?

There are a number of reasons why your teeth become stained. The worst-case scenario is when they become completely yellow. The discoloration occurs from caffeine, tobacco, wine, and excessive fluoride use. It can also be due to aging. As you get older, the enamel of your teeth gets thinner. This results in your teeth getting exposed to acids from drinks and food. You teeth can turn gray or yellow from these developments.

Consider At-Home Whitening

A whitening treatment is made up of a hydrogen peroxide solution. You have the option of doing an at-home treatment or an in-office application. The difference is the dosage. The application given out at the dental office is usually stronger.

For home whitening, your dentist has to do a mold of your teeth. This mold is used to create a customized tray for you to use at home. A whitening gel is applied to the tray and you have to wear it. The wearing time can be from a few hours to overnight. Your dentist will tell you how long to wear the tray to get the best results. Contact a business, like Steliotes Dental Spa, for more information on whitening trays.

Consider In-Office Whitening

If you want quick results, then you might want to try a professional procedure. In-office procedures use whitening agents in higher concentrations. They are known as laser and power bleaching.

With laser whitening, a strong bleaching gel is applied to each tooth and heated with the use of a laser. This laser technology speeds up the bleaching process.

You should get immediate results form power bleaching. This procedure applies a hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth. The solution is activated with a laser or light. A rubber or tissue dam is put on your mouth to protect your gums. You can usually see a difference in your teeth after one treatment.

Good oral hygiene is the key to good dental health. It starts at home with brushing and flossing every night. You also have to get regular dental checkups. It is during these visits that conditions can be found early. If you want to brighten your smile, then you should schedule an appointment today.