How to Protect Your Teeth

Does Your Child Have A Lot Of Cavities? Switch To A Pediatric Dentist

If you have been seeing a general dentist for your child and you think that they have had an abnormal amount of cavities or dental problems, it's time to see a pediatric dental specialist. There are a lot of services you can have done when you take your child there, and you want to find a root to your child's oral health problems. Here are some of the things that you want to talk with the pediatric specialist about so that you can try to improve things for your child.

Proper Sealing and Fluoride Treatments

You want to make sure that the teeth are sealed properly, with protective coatings that work to shield the enamel from sugar, acids and more. Not only should their teeth be coated with a sealant, but your child should also get regular fluoride treatments so that the teeth can stay strong. The pediatric dentist can look at the teeth to see if these things have been effective so far.

Conditions that Cause Deterioration

Does your child currently have any type condition that is causing the teeth to deteriorate? Problems like pediatric gingivitis can cause problems for the tooth enamel, along with dry mouth and other complications. The dental expert will be able to tell if your child has a condition that is causing the enamel to deteriorate, leaving the mouth exposed to cavities.

Adult Teeth Concerns

Cavities in the baby teeth can be an early warning sign that there will be cavities in the adult teeth. The x-rays may show that the adult teeth are close behind the baby teeth, and cavities that go in the root of the baby teeth could get to the adult teeth. Explain to the pediatric specialist that you are concerned these problems will spread to the adult teeth.

There are a lot of different reasons why your child may be having problems with their oral health. If cleaning properly is becoming a problem at home and you can't get them to brush or floss properly, you may have to schedule them for an extra dental visit throughout the year to have the gum tissue and teeth cleaned properly. Prevention is the key to not having any cavities or problems similar, so do what you can to make sure that you are doing everything to help protect your child's smile. Good oral health habits now should continue into adulthood and benefit their adult smile.