How to Protect Your Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Extractions Can Help Patients Protect Their Other Teeth

Patients will typically get their wisdom teeth shortly after reaching adulthood. They'll typically get those wisdom teeth extracted just as quickly. However, some people will develop wisdom teeth that are initially healthy. They might be able to hold onto those wisdom teeth for years without getting them extracted. 

Not All Young Adults Will Need to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Extracted Right Away

Some people will more or less plan for their wisdom teeth extractions at some point during their early adult years. However, plenty of people will be able to keep their wisdom teeth for a while. It's still possible for patients to develop issues related to their wisdom teeth later in life, however, which is one of the main reasons why a lot of people get their wisdom teeth removed immediately. 

People who need to extract their wisdom teeth shouldn't worry, of course. Patients will usually only develop problems with their wisdom teeth if they don't have enough room for them. People who are in this situation won't really need additional molars. When patients get their wisdom teeth, it's usually a good idea to have a dental professional look at them.

Patients Won't Always Know If They're Having Problems With Their Wisdom Teeth

Most people will experience minor aches when their wisdom teeth first start to surface, and they might not necessarily have issues with impacted molars. Almost all patients will have some mild gum pain when they get new teeth of any kind. If the pain is much more severe than that, however, patients should contact their dentists as quickly as possible. Patients who ignore the pain associated with their wisdom teeth could develop a wide range of severe dental health problems. 

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Many Different Dental Health Issues Very Quickly

Many dental health issues can take years to develop, which is why it's often relatively easy to catch them before they become very serious. Patients who get regular dental checkups will usually manage to avoid developing major oral health problems.

Unhealthy wisdom teeth can certainly cause damage gradually, since they can make it tougher for patients to maintain their normal dental hygiene routines. However, it's also possible for people to harm their other teeth if they avoid getting their impacted wisdom teeth extracted. Patients can truly prevent a wide range of different issues by getting their impacted molars treated, which will involve getting them extracted.