How to Protect Your Teeth

What Will Veneers Do For Your Smile?

Porcelain dental veneers are a cosmetic addition to your teeth that help enhance your smile in many ways. Whether you have missing teeth, your teeth are too far apart, or you just want to make your smile look more even, porcelain dental veneers give you natural results that last.

Talk to your dentist about veneers to see if they will work for your needs. Here are just some of the things porcelain dental veneers will do for your smile.

Give you straighter teeth

If your teeth are jagged or uneven, or your teeth are crooked and you want to improve your smile without resorting to braces, porcelain dental veneers can help straighten your smile. Your dentist shaves down the top parts of your teeth to create an open canvas for resurfacing with veneers. You can have veneers placed on all your front teeth to give your smile a more dramatic effect or just have them placed on a few affected teeth to result in a more appealing smile.

Give you teeth better suited for your face

If your teeth are too small for your face or you have prominent gums that make your teeth look smaller, veneers help in this area. Porcelain dental veneers add volume to your teeth to make your smile look more mature. Talk to your dentist about having veneers placed on all your front teeth that are easily seen when you smile to make your teeth appear larger and more alluring. You can also get your gums treated to make them less prominent in addition to getting veneers.

Give you a healthier looking smile

If your teeth are widely spaced, especially your top front teeth, porcelain dental veneers can be used as caps to fill in the unsightly gaps you don't like. Your smile can be protected by getting veneers so your teeth are closer together more naturally, making them less likely to harbor bacteria and food particles. If you continue to see your dentist regularly and brush your teeth on the regular, you can continue to improve your smile after getting veneers.

Your mouth can be given a more radiant appearance by having your teeth treated with porcelain dental veneers. Since these veneers are designed to last for years, you can enjoy your smile longer with permanent results. Talk to your dentist about the best way to care for your veneers once they're in place.