How to Protect Your Teeth

Common Dental Problems In Childhood

Most dental problems tend to strike both adults and children, but some dental problems are more common or visible in childhood than adulthood. Below are some of the dental problems that children usually have to deal with.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle teeth decay occurs when a child overexposes their teeth to sugary foods and drinks. Milk, fruit juices, candy, cake, and soda are some of the offending foods and drinks. The sugar encourages the growth of bacteria in the mouth; the bacteria attack the teeth and causes cavities.

Orthodontic Problems

Orthodontic problems refer to the improper arrangement and spacing of teeth. These problems either arise in childhood or are first noticed in childhood. For example, a child's teeth might erupt with poor alignment, or the misalignment might arise as a result of poor oral habits.

Premature Tooth Loss

Baby teeth should stay in place until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt. The baby teeth preserve the spacing and arrangement for the permanent teeth so that the permanent teeth can erupt with proper alignment and spacing. Therefore, dental problems arise when the baby teeth fall off long before the permanent teeth are ready to erupt.

Teeth Impaction

An impacted tooth is one that has not fully erupted out of the gums. An impacted tooth can either remain fully or partially below the gums. Tooth impaction is not just an aesthetic problem; it can also trigger dental pain, increase the risk of infection, trigger gum inflammation, and damage nearby teeth, among other complications.

Teeth Grinding

Chronic teeth grinding and children affect millions of children in the country every year. Some causes of teeth grinding are not known, but dental misalignment and stress play a role. Chronic teeth grinding causes jaw pain, teeth damage, and headaches, among other problems.

Over-Retained Teeth

As mentioned above, the primary teeth should fall off when the secondary teeth are ready to erupt. In some cases, however, the primary teeth fail to fall off even by the time the secondary teeth have begun to erupt. This leaves no room for the secondary teeth, which can lead to tooth pain, and misalignment.

Thumb Sucking

Many children suck their thumbs, and it is usually not a problem for children with their primary teeth. The problem arises when a child sucks their thumb even after getting their permanent teeth. The habit might push the teeth out and create an overbite or underbite problem.

As you can see, your child is susceptible to a number of dental problems, so preventive dental care is not an option but a necessity. Don't wait until your child develops serious dental issues to consult a dentist. Call a general dentist today.