How to Protect Your Teeth

5 Things To Remember About Eating After Root Canal Treatment

One worry that some patients have is that they won't be able to eat after a root canal. the good news is that you can. However, immediately following root canal surgery and until you get your permanent crown or filling, you'll need to change the way you eat. Therefore, to ensure you don't damage your tooth or irritate your healing tissues, keep the following things in mind.

1. Your Mouth Will Still Be Numb

If you eat within a few hours of your surgery, your mouth will still be numb on the side of the root canal. Because of that, try to eat on the opposite side of your mouth. This is especially important when eating hot foods because you could unknowingly burn your mouth if you eat on the numb side.

2. Hot or Cold Temperatures Will Cause Sensitivity

Before your tooth is fully sealed, which will come in your next appointment, your tooth will be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Until your tooth is fully sealed, avoid temperature extremes. Eat warm foods rather than hot or cold foods. The same applies to drinks.  

3. Hard Foods Could Damage the Tooth

After a root canal, while teeth are still unsealed, the risk that they might break is heightened. You could also damage the sensitive gum tissue around the healing tooth. Stick to soft foods like mashed potato, yogurt, scrambled eggs, and custard to avoid damaging your tooth and gum tissue.

4. Chewy Foods Could Tug on the Temporary Filling

If you have a temporary crown or filling, then avoid sticky or chewy foods, as these could pull on the temporary restoration and leave your tooth exposed. If the temporary crown or filling comes out, infection could set in once more, meaning that you'll need more treatment before you can have a permanent crown or filling placed.

5. Spicy Foods Could Irritate Your Gums and Tooth

Spicy foods will also irritate your sensitive tissues following root canal surgery. This means you need to avoid eating foods that contain spice, like Indian curries, Thai curries, and anything with chilies in it. Generally, it may be better to opt to eat foods that don't contain any spices. This will give you a chance to try something new on the menu while protecting your tooth.

You can eat after root canal therapy. Just remember that you'll need to adjust how you eat until you get your permanent crown or filling placed. For more information, contact a clinic like John B Webster DDS.