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Correcting Alignment Problems With Your Teeth

Having an attractive smile can be important for your professional future and your personal self-confidence. While there are many developmental issues that can lead to your teeth not being aligned correctly, there are treatments available for restoring a person's smile.

Orthodontic Treatments Are Suitable For Adults

A common assumption that some patients will have about orthodontic treatments is that they are not as effective on adults. This belief is often based on the fact that individuals will often get orthodontic treatments in their teenage years. However, there is no reason that an adult will be unable to enjoy effective results from investing in orthodontic treatments. Older individuals may need to wear the orthodontic devices for longer than they would have when they were younger, but they can still achieve the same level of results for their smile.

There Are Orthodontic Treatments That Are Designed To Be Discrete

Braces have traditionally been the most common treatment option for correcting a person's smile. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that may not choose to have their teeth corrected due to assuming that they will have to wear braces or other embarrassing and uncomfortable devices. Luckily, modern orthodontic treatments have advanced considerably, and this can allow individuals to utilize treatments that are far more discrete while still providing for effective straightening of the patient's teeth. One of these solutions can be the use of clear retainers that will move the teeth into the desired position. These retainers can also be removed when you need to take pictures, make presentations, or meet with important clients, which can make this an ideal solution for adults with work-related responsibilities.  

Orthodontic Treatments May Not Take Long To Show Results

There is a belief among some people that they will have to wear their braces or retainers for many years in order to get good results from these treatments. Yet, most people will find that these treatments will start to show noticeable results within a matter of weeks. For the majority of orthodontic problems, these treatments may only be needed for a matter of months in order to permanently correct the smile of the patient. However, each person's teeth will respond somewhat differently to these treatments. You can help to maximize the results that you get as well as minimize the time that is needed by being diligent when following your orthodontist's instructions as well as attending your adjustment sessions so that the teeth can be shifted as quickly as possible.

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