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3 Signs To Help You Know Whether Root Canal Treatment Is Good For You

As you are perhaps aware, teeth have a tough outer layer known as enamel. However, you might not know that there's a soft, inner section called the pulp. This part contains blood supply vessels and dental nerves that can get infected. This is where the root canal procedure comes in. The innovative treatment helps remove infected, necrotic, or damaged pulp tissue. The dentist then seals the space to ensure the problem does not recur and prescribes antibiotics to disinfect the area. That said, the following are signs that you should think about root canal therapy.

1. Persistent Dental Pain

You will agree that toothaches are devastating, especially when the pain persists despite using painkillers. In addition, the pain could extend to surrounding teeth and areas such as the jaw and face. This is what dental professionals call referred pain.

The good news is that root canal therapy can help fight the pain. As earlier mentioned, this procedure involves removing the damaged tissue responsible for toothaches. With the source of the pain removed, you can rest assured that the discomfort will go away once and for all.

Don't forget that there are numerous other causes of dental pain, including cavities, damaged filling, and gum disease. Whatever the reason, a competent dentist will help you determine if a root canal is the ideal treatment procedure for you.

2. Tooth Sensitivity

Do you experience excruciating pain whenever you drink a hot cup of tea? This highly suggests that you have sensitive teeth, a condition that results from exposed dental nerves or worn-out enamel. The exposure is usually caused by cavities extending deeper into the inner sections of the teeth. As you can see, this affects the pulp where sensitive nerves are located.

Root canal therapy gets rid of the pulp, which is an excellent way to deal with teeth sensitivity. In addition, removing the exposed nerves allow you to consume reasonably cold or hot foodstuff without experiencing pain.

3. Discolored Teeth

Sure, things like tobacco, red wine, and coffee tend to cause teeth discoloration. In this case, teeth whitening is all it takes to fix the problem. But this problem can also arise due to serious dental pulp infections. The discoloration results from the breakdown of pulp tissue over time, making the tooth appear black or grayish.

If you wonder whether root canal treatment is good for you, the above signs can help you make an informed decision. Consult with a dentist near you for more information if you wish to learn more.

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