How to Protect Your Teeth

Three Signs You Need To See A Dentist As Soon As Possible

Going to the dentist is often a much more regular occurrence for children than adults, as most parents are quite proactive about this when it comes to their kids. If you take good general care of your teeth, the main attitude towards visiting the dentist is 'why bother'? There are many things wrong with this approach, and you find that out all too well at some stage. If you are starting to notice strange symptoms and are wondering if you should visit the dentist's office, then you should always be more safe than sorry, but here are a few specific reasons that warrant an appointment.

Blood When You Clean Your Teeth

First of all, it is important not to overreact to a little bit of blood that comes out when you brush your teeth. While it does mean you should go to the dentist, often the cause is something as simple as gingivitis that has gone on unchecked for too long, and your dentist can help fix it with a few simple solutions. Any kind of blood when you clean your teeth indicates the gums are more sensitive than they should be, and you need to go and get them investigated by a professional.

Constant, Numbing Pain In Your Jaw

If you have never had your wisdom teeth taken out then at some point, they will try to burst through your gums and join the rest of your teeth. While that may not sound like the worst problem ever, the truth is your jaw is not meant to accommodate them and they can cause the rest of your teeth to become squashed and structurally insecure. They're also very painful. A visit to the dentist's office will allow your dentist to determine your best path forward, whether that be extraction or some other pain reliever.

Chipped Tooth

There are many ways to accidentally chip a tooth, and some of them involve very little to no pain whatsoever to the person it happened to. If that is you, then you may be tempted to just leave your teeth as they are, especially if the chipped tooth is not in a visible area. However, once the external structure of the tooth has been compromised, it is far easier for it to decay and rot, and you need to see a dentist to ensure it is given a proper cap that can keep it safe and strong. 

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