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Instances When Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Extracted

Did you know that many folks experience problems with their wisdom teeth? This can explain why people require wisdom teeth removal. So, what signs could force you to get your wisdom teeth taken out? Read on to find out.


Wisdom teeth are the last to emerge. Therefore, your teeth might look overcrowded as soon as the wisdom teeth start to emerge or form. The other teeth will have to squeeze themselves together to make space for the wisdom teeth. Sadly, too much squeezing might cause them to become crooked.

If that happens, you should visit your dentist for an examination. The dentist will determine whether you need a tooth extraction procedure or braces. You can also check in with your dentists as soon as your wisdom teeth start to come in. The dentist will take an X-ray to determine whether there is a possibility of overcrowding.


Wisdom teeth don't always grow as expected. Sometimes the tooth will grow at an odd angle or become stuck below the gum surface. All these scenarios will cause complications such as severe pain or discomfort. Sadly, impacted wisdom teeth don't correct themselves. Therefore, you'll need to see a dentist for a tooth extraction procedure.


Pain is another sign you shouldn't ignore as wisdom teeth grow. Many people assume that the pain will go away, but that rarely happens. As mentioned above, pain occurs when the wisdom teeth become impacted. The pain could be intense or dull. So, if the pain doesn't seem to go away, engage a local dentist.

Stiff or Painful Jaw

Problematic wisdom teeth could also affect your jaw. That is why some people complain of stiffness or pain in their jaws. So, get checked by a dentist if you try to chew or speak and feel your jaw is stiff. The stiffness and pain mostly happen due to the wisdom teeth causing the jawline to shift.

Headaches or Earaches

Pain isn't always restricted to the mouth area. It can extend to your head and ears. So, don't assume that your wisdom teeth have nothing to do with the frequent headaches and earaches. You should get checked if you experience pain or discomfort in these areas. 

Inflamed Gums

If your wisdom teeth are giving you problems, you might experience inflammation around the gum tissue. The gum surrounding the wisdom tooth will become sore and reddish. You might also see small pockets of pus.