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Do You Require A Damaged Denture Repair?

Full and partial dentures are wonderful tools that allow people who are missing teeth to smile and chew with confidence. When properly cared for, dentures can last for many years. Unfortunately, dentures may eventually become damaged due to accidents or simple wear and tear. It's often more economical to have damaged dentures repaired instead of replaced. These are four signs that you need to have your dentures repaired:

1. Your dentures suddenly feel painful or uncomfortable

Denture damage may not always be obvious, but dentures that have simply become misaligned can cause big problems. When you first receive your dentures, your dentist will carefully check their fit and make adjustments as necessary. However, the shape of your gums and the underlying bone can change over time, leading to changes in the way your dentures fit.

If your dentures suddenly feel painful or uncomfortable, or if they're putting pressure on new areas of your gums, you may need to have your dentures realigned. This is a simple process that can be performed by a denture repair specialist. It entails removing some material from the underside of your dentures to reshape them.

2. You notice hairline cracks in your dentures

Over time, you may begin to notice fine, nearly imperceptible cracks in your dentures. These hairline fractures may not seem like a big deal. However, when left unmended, small cracks can weaken your dentures, making them more susceptible to full fractures in the future. A professional can fill cracks in your dentures with bonding adhesive in the appropriate color. Once mended, your dentures will look as good as new.

3. A piece of your denture has detached

Sometimes, pieces of dentures can detach. This can occur when eating something hard or accidentally biting down on a bone or fork. In these cases, a prosthetic tooth may become dislodged from your denture. If this occurs, you should save all the pieces of your denture that you can find. You can bring them to a denture repair specialist, who can use adhesives to restore your denture. In cases where some parts of the denture were damaged, new parts may need to be fabricated.

4. Your denture has fractured

Finally, the most obvious sign that you require denture repair services is if your dentures have fractured in half. This is the most extensive kind of damage and may require your dentures to be sent to a special laboratory. Once your dentures have been repaired, they will be refitted to your mouth to ensure your comfort.

Reach out to your dentist if you need damaged denture repair